In front of the Apollo Command Module: Columbia

I am a 4th-year Jefferson Scholar at the University of Virginia double majoring in Environmental Sciences and Statistics with a minor in Astronomy. I am currently researching with the Ice and Ocean Group under the supervision of Dr. Lauren Simkins and PhD candidate Marion McKenzie. My primary interests are glaciology, quantitative geomorphology, planetary geology and astrobiology.

I strongly believe in the power of interdisciplinary approaches to the world’s biggest questions and problems. As a result, most of my interests tend to interact with each other

(Important) Fun facts:

  • Hogwarts House: Gryffindor
  • Favorite dessert: Cinnamon Roll
  • Favorite movie: Interstellar
  • Favorite planet: Mars
  • Motto: Never tell me the odds (I wrote a 6-minute speech on this, believe me)